Here at Stone Sign Co, we have had the pleasure of crafting many bespoke commemorative plaques for Royal unveilings. From elaborate opening ceremonies to the commemoration of a Royal visit, we have created beautiful plaques for many different Royal occasions.

As with all of our products, we ensure that our Royal commemorative plaques are made using only the finest natural stone materials. Our favourite is our locally sourced Welsh Slate which creates an opulent finish every time, but other quality stones such as Portland Limestone and Marble both produce stunning results that will mark a special occasion for years to come.

Our skilled masons have years of experience in creating only the finest stone products, and have expertise in hand carving and gold leaf gilding to produce truly luxurious designs. We have over two centuries of stonemasonry behind us, which allows us to engrave, gild, and enamel beautiful bespoke designs that are fit for Royalty.

Her Majesty The Queen smiles as she unveils two Welsh Slate plaques with gold leaf gilding engravings on a wooden easel
HRH Prince Charles unveils a commemorative Welsh Slate plaque with gold leaf engraving on a wooden easel with blue curtains

The unparalleled skill and dedication of our craftsmen ensure that each and every plaque we create will stand the test of time. Incredible attention to detail is given to each design, ensuring it perfectly matches the given requirements. Our talented inhouse designers work alongside each client to guide them through the process from start to finish. We use our expert knowledge to help with decisions regarding material, design, and layout, and will provide as many artwork drafts as it takes to get to the perfect design.  


We always advise customers to plan a commemorative plaque well ahead of any unveiling or opening ceremony that is being held to ensure there is enough time for the perfect design to be achieved. Intricate designs can take time to be accomplished, and our craftsmen use time-honoured methods that produce the most beautiful finishes. However, we can achieve quick turnarounds with great results for any urgent requirements. We can also provide a beautiful Stone Sign easel for hire and a pair of unveiling curtains for the special event.

Princess Anne unveils a commemorative Welsh Slate commemorative plaque on a wooden easel
Her Majesty The Queen unveils a Welsh Slate plaque with gold engraving on a wooden easel with blue curtains
HRH Prince Charles unveils a commemorative Slate commemorative plaque that was draped in a Welsh flag
Princess Anne unveils a commemorative Welsh Slate plaque with gold engraving on a wooden easel


Welsh Slate material for commemorative plaques


York Stone material for commemorative plaques


Black Granite material for commemorative plaques


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