23.5ct Gold Leaf Gilding

There is no better way to create a beautifully bespoke plaque than to include pure 23.5ct English gold leaf gilded inscription. Presenting a truly magnificent finish, a gilded business sign or house sign is the perfect way to create distinction.

Gilding is the process of applying a very thin sheet of metal leaf to a surface.

It has been used as a decorative technique across the world for centuries. The process of gold leaf gilding is believed to have originated in Turkey over 8,000 years ago and was a common choice for grand ancient Egyptian architecture. It is still a hugely popular design choice today, simply because there is no replacement for the sheer beauty of pure 23ct gold.

This versatile design technique can be used to enhance anything from a photo frame to a landmark building, and is a popular choice for business signs, house plaques and memorials. It can be used to highlight certain details in ornamental features and is a wonderful medium to catch the eye. Gold leaf gilding, in particular, is commonly used for crests, religious statues and memorial plaques due to its everlasting properties.


Laying 23.5ct gold leaf onto a plaque sign
Stone Sign gilded inscription techniques with brush

Gold leaf is the most popular choice for stone gilding, but other metals such as copper, silver and aluminium can also be used to create a beautiful, eye-catching finish. It is important to consider the longevity of the chosen metal though; anything lower than 23ct gold will tarnish in outdoor elements, which is why only the highest quality material should be used for any external signage.


Here at Stone Sign Co, our expert masons can elevate any design with stunning gilded inscription. For a truly striking finish, we can gild your plaque with beautiful 23.5ct English gold leaf inscription. The brilliance of gilding comes from the expertise of skilled artisans who can achieve a perfect finish.

Our talented team of in-house craftsmen prepare the stone and delicately place the gold leaf onto the engraving by hand, as photographed. This provides an opulent finish which will last for decades.

Craftsman brushing gold leaf onto plaque engraving


Stone sign logo engraving for stone business signs


York stone with gold gilded inscription


Marble with gold gilded inscription


We do not compromise on quality – we use only the very best materials to ensure that your sign is built to last. Our team can gild on a wide variety of quality natural materials such as Welsh slate, black granite and Carrara marble. We can bring almost any design idea to reality, ensuring you receive a bespoke plaque that perfectly suits your requirements.


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