The Making of the Welsh Slate Trophy for Wales’s Home of the Year 2023


In 2023, Wales witnessed a celebration of architectural marvels as BBC’s “Home of the Year” shone a spotlight on the most exquisite residences across the country.

Among the highlights of the competition was the coveted Welsh Slate Trophy, a symbol of Welsh craftsmanship and architectural excellence.

The 2023 Wales' home of the year winners holding Welsh slate award
Welsh slate award with gold lettering for 2023 Wales' home of the year winners

The Inspiration:

The inspiration behind the Welsh Slate Trophy stemmed from Wales’s deep-rooted connection to its natural resources and traditional craftsmanship.

As the heart of the slate industry, Wales boasts a legacy of producing some of the finest slate in the world.

This historic material, revered for its durability and elegance, served as the perfect medium to honour the architectural prowess showcased in the competition.

Design Concept:

Crafting the trophy began with a meticulous design process aimed at encapsulating the essence of Welsh architecture.

Drawing inspiration from the rugged landscapes of Snowdonia and the sleek lines of modern Welsh homes, the design team envisioned a trophy that harmonised tradition with contemporary flair.

The trophy would stand as a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Welsh architects while paying homage to the timeless beauty of Welsh slate.

Gold gilding close up detail on Welsh slate award for 2023 Wales' home of the year
Close up of gold gilding detail on 2023 Wales' home of the year Welsh slate award

Material Selection:

Central to the creation of the Welsh Slate Trophy was the careful selection of materials.

Sourced from the quarries of North Wales, each piece of slate was handpicked for its unique texture and colour variation.

The raw slate, with its rich hues ranging from deep blue to grey, embodied the natural beauty of the Welsh landscape, adding depth and character to the trophy.


The crafting process began with skilled artisans transforming raw slate into a work of art.

Using traditional techniques passed down through generations, expertly shaped and polished to perfection.

The intricate detailing, from deeply engraved inscription to the hand finished touch showcased the unparalleled craftsmanship of Welsh artisans.

The 2023 Wales' Home of the Year Welsh slate award


The trophy was awarded to the winners of the show in the final episode, aired on BBC One.

As the trophy was presented to the winner of Wales’s Home of the Year 2023, it symbolised more than just an architectural achievement – it embodied the spirit of Welsh creativity, resilience, and innovation.

In the creation of the Welsh Slate Trophy, we embarked on a journey to celebrate the rich architectural heritage of Wales.

From the rugged landscapes to the skilled artisans, every aspect of the trophy was a testament to the enduring legacy of Welsh craftsmanship.

As it continues to inspire future generations of architects and artisans, the Welsh Slate Trophy stands as a timeless tribute to the unparalleled beauty and ingenuity of Welsh architecture.

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