Intricate Stone Plaque With Embossed Engraving

Bee Hapus Garden Stone Plaque

Stone Sign Co. have had the pleasure in working on various exciting projects with Studio Response in the past and were delighted to be able to assist on the design and production of their latest project, The Bee Hapus Garden, located in Llantwit Major.

We were initially contacted with a concept designed by one of their artists, incorporating bees and flowers on a circular plaque from which rubbings could be taken.

This finished project was to feature at the centre of a spiral path where it was to be surrounded by a natural space which inhabits many bee homes.

Design Concept to Visual Artwork

Using the design concept from Studio Response, our talented designer put together various artworks, with the final and selected artwork featuring a larger limestone base in which the granite rubbing plate would sit on.

Our designer included a honeycomb pattern along the edge of the limestone base in keeping with the design and feel of the Bee Hapus Garden.

Production of Creative Stone Plaques

Once the design had been approved, we proceeded to begin production on both plaques by initially cutting the two stones and preparing them for rubber.

The design was incredibly detailed; therefore, our team of expert masons carefully applied the rubbers being sure to include even the smallest details.

This was then sand blasted, creating an embossed engraving on the granite plaque – a process where all the stone is engraved except for the design and inscription with the design left as a raised surface.

This process was used to make sure that accurate rubbings could be taken from the stone once completed.

The Final Chosen Artwork

Final visual artwork design for stone plaque at Bee Hapus Garden in Llantwit Major

Portland Limestone Plaque Aligned With Granite Plaque

The Portland Limestone plaque was then deeply engraved to ensure that that honeycomb design was clearly visible, whilst carefully aligning this with the edge of the granite plaque.

The finished result came out even better than we had hoped for and now proudly sits in the Bee Hapus Garden in Llantwit Major.

Close up of details on stone plaque at Bee Hapus Garden in Llantwit Major
Close up of engraved details on stone plaque at Bee Hapus Garden in Llantwit Major
Embossed engraving of a bee on a stone plaque at Bee Hapus Garden in Llantwit Major
Aerial view of Bee Hapus Garden stone plaque in Llantwit Major
Stone plaque at Bee Hapus Garden in Llantwit Major

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