All businesses know how vital first impressions are. Important clients and prospective employees will see the outside of your office before they see the inside, so why wait until they step indoors to make your first impression?

Many businesses settle for cheap plastic or aluminium signs that look flimsy and temporary. In contrast, what projects longevity and quality better than your company logo carved into a 500 million year old Welsh slate plaque finished with 23.5crt English gold leaf?!

To truly distinguish your company, we recommend exploring natural business plaques with engraved logos. The beauty of natural slate and stone materials is something that cannot be emulated using other materials, and modern logo engraving can result in a stunning design that is completely unique.


Whether you are looking for outdoor building signage or interior wayfinding signage, the inclusion of your company logo can help to maintain consistency and familiarity throughout your business. Your business signage is a part of your brand identity, and including your logo can help to reinforce brand recognition.


Here at Stone Sign Company, our expert team have the capability to turn any design into reality. Our skilled masons can engrave your company logo, no matter how complex, into almost any stone, allowing you to perfectly represent your brand throughout your building.


We work with a number of natural materials that can be engraved by our stonemasons, including Granite, Portland Stone, York Stone and Marble. While we have great capability with engraving most natural stones, we can realise almost any amount of detail on Welsh Slate, no matter the intricacy or the size of the logo. This highly durable material is the premium choice for engraving, and results in long-lasting, beautiful designs.

As with letter engraving, we can offer a range of different finishes for your logo. From striking gold leaf gilded logos to clean, natural engraving, our expert masons can create a design that suits your exact requirements. We can also match any RAL colour provided by using high quality enamel paint, for a perfect match to your logo design.


White enamel business logo engraved onto a slate plaque
Company logo engraved with gold lettering onto a business plaque made of slate
Colourful company logo engraved onto a business plaque made of slate
Axiom logo on a Welsh slate corporate business plaque
Furst Impressions Dog Grooming logo engraved with white enamel onto a large slate business sign
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