How To Care For Your Welsh Slate Plaque

Welsh slate is one of the hardest and oldest types of slate which can be found in the world today. 

One of the best qualities of Welsh slate is that it requires very little maintenance and this is why the material has been famously used globally for roofing slate since the Roman period.

That’s 2,000 years of history!

This is because unlike other cheaper slates, Welsh slate will not degrade when in outdoor conditions.

Over the years you may want to clean your Welsh slate plaques.

It is important that when you do, you follow these easy steps; 

Riven Welsh slate

3 Steps To Cleaning A Welsh Slate Sign

  1. Splash some clean water over the slate sign;
  2. Using a clean, soft and lint free cloth soaked in warm water, gently wipe away any dirt or patches of dirt. It is important to not use a dirty or old cloth as this mat scratch the slate;
  3. Lastly, splash some clean water over the sign once again ensuring all suds are washed from the surface and especially from any engraved lettering.

Fingerprints may be noticeable from time to time, however there’s no need to worry.

Take a clean, soft lint free cloth and gently wipe away any fingerprint marks. A small amount of baby oil or linseed oil can also be applied to the whole plaque, temporarily absorbing into the slate.

This will appear slightly darker in the first instance.

Colourful lint free cloths in a bundle
Pouring oil from a jar

How To Remove Scratches From Slate

In the instance that your slate plaque may become scratched, do not panic, slate is a soft stone, therefore scratches may occur.

It is very easy to resolve this – you will need to purchase 400 grit wet & dry paper which is very cheap, and simply follow these instructions:

  • Remove any dirt or grit using some clean water;
  • Whilst the sign is still wet, use the 400-grit wet & dry paper and gently bring polishing the whole sign;
  • Then proceed to carefully wash the sign again, leaving it to air dry. Once dry, assess the scratch and repeat the process if necessary;
  • To finish you may wish to apply a small amount of baby oil or linseed oil when the sign is dry. Ensure this is applied using a clean, soft, lint free cloth.

It is important to note that you should not use household cleaning products on slate – especially bleach or acidic cleaners.

Be sure that all cloths you use are soft, lint free and clean as this could otherwise scratch the sign.

We do not have warranties for our signage however we have been in business for 200 years and plan to be around for at least another 200, so we will always be available for assistance or to answer any questions.

Furthermore, we would be able to carry out repairs or send replacements if necessary.

Due to the high quality of materials and craftsmanship it would be very unlikely that we would need to do so.

Slate sign for Homefield Grange
Slate sign for St Giles Avenue
Slate sign for Pirelli F1 factory in Carlisle

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