York Sandstone

Here at Stone Sign, we work with several different types of natural stone to create our bespoke plaques.

Amongst all our natural stones, York Sandstone is one of the most favourable choices, with more and more enquiries for this stone material coming through the door every day.

York Sandstone is well known for its high quality, durability and strength and has been proven to be increasingly popular amongst both house and business signage.

York Sandstone Maintains Beauty With Ease


This characteristic stone holds a sandy-buff tone and is known to retain its beauty with little to no maintenance. This classic stone can be finished with a range of enamel infills or left natural depending on the desired look.

Furthermore, York Sandstone can withstand many outdoor weather conditions making it extremely durable. This durability allows for intricate detail to be engraved; therefore, we are able to cater to almost any design or logo, which our talented in-house designers can expertly draw up.

Redland Manor York Stone house plaque
Fernbank House York Stone house plaque

Variety of Stone Edges to Choose From


We have created a variety of bespoke York Stone plaques over the years, using varied edges including chamfered, rustic, and clean edges, all with stunning finishes.

Both our chamfered and clean edges are seemingly popular amongst house plaques, providing a flush and timeless finish when inset or attached to existing walls, using our faceless fixings to ensure there is no interruption to the design.

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Bespoke Design to Match Requirements


Stone Sign Company work with York Sandstone to offer a range of bespoke signs and plaques. Our skilled in-house designers and masons have the expertise to create custom designs that perfectly match your requirements, using only the highest quality stone to guarantee both beauty and quality are retained for years to come.

With over 200 years of experience working with natural materials, we have the capability to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your York Sandstone plaques can be admired for many years.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about your very own bespoke plaque.

Pet Memorial Headstone in York Sandstone with rustic edges
Oakview House York Stone house plaque
Natural inscription on a York Stone plaque
Manor Cottage York Stone plaque with natural inscription
A set of York Stone plaques with black enamel inscription and border
Clean, natural inscription on a York Stone plaque
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