Designed, Crafted & Installed.

Our Work in Motion.

Watch our boulder creation process from natural stone to fitted monument. Watch more Stone Sign videos on our YouTube channel.

Our Work as it Stands.

A small selection of our majestic boulders, fitted and finished. View more in our boulders gallery.

The Visual Process.

Giving you the perfect preview of your bespoke boulder.

Location of Arsenal FC training centre entrance boulder sign

All we need to create a visual is your desired artwork along with a photo of the location. Our design team will do the rest.

Visual representation of how completed and installed stone boulder sign would look at location

An official Stone Sign visual.

Welsh slate stone boulder sign with gold Arsenal FC badge engraved outside training centre

The finished boulder after fixing.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation photo mock-up of your company logo on a boulder.

British Boulders, British Quarries.

Sourcing our stone boulders from British quarries offers several benefits, including high-quality natural stone, sustainable sourcing practices, local sourcing, customizable sizes, cost-effectiveness, and consistent quality. If you are considering using natural stone for your project, Stone Sign boulders are the perfect choice.

Illustration of British stone materials being sourced to make stone boulder signs
Illustration of locally sourced stone material used for stone boulder signs being transported by fleet

Sourcing our boulders nationally ensures our transportation costs are minimised,  reducing the need for expensive international shipping. We can also ensure our high level of quality control, consistency, and low environmental impact.

All vehicle travel routes – including our memorial installation fleet – are pre-planned to ensure each journey uses the most efficient route.

We at Stone Sign Co. are proud to present our expanding range of Eco-Friendly materials.

Crafted by Man & Machine.

Our expert stonemasons can create a range of custom stone boulder signs and monolith stones that come in all shapes, sizes and natural stone materials. Designed to suit your exact requirements, these bespoke stone pieces can be used in many different ways.

Illustration of circular CNC saw cutting stone material to craft a stone boulder sign

The boulders are trimmed using our CNC circular saw to give it a flat base for fixing to the ground foundation by a professional technician.

The saw itself is lubricated with water that drains to a purpose-designed water-recycling system that circulates and recycles water with over 95% retrieval efficiency.

Illustration of a stone boulder sign being sand blasted during it's creation

A rubber template of your design is then applied to the desired face of the boulder ready for sandblasting by one of our expert craftsmen.

Sandblasting is our process of using high-pressure air to propel abrasive materials such as our various grades of sand, to inscribe custom designs, text and patterns on the boulder’s natural stone surface.

Illustration of engraving on stone boulder sign being handpainted with gold gild leaf

Expertly Detailed.

Gilded and painted inscriptions have a rich history and have been used for centuries to convey important information and messages. They are often associated with historic buildings, monuments, and artifacts, giving them a sense of cultural and historical significance.

Our inscription is highly legible and highly durable. Gold leaf and high-quality paint can withstand the effects of time and exposure to the elements, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as on or bespoke boulders.

Our range of vibrant and durable paint colours is extensive – ensuring you get the most perfect bespoke artwork possible.

Fixed for Good.

Our expert fixers will take care of every aspect of the boulder fixing process. From laying a solid concrete foundation prior to transportation, craning and fixing the boulder to its final standing place.

The boulders are reinforced by internally-fitted carbon steel rods and are further secured by our specialist mortar.

Illustration of a large stone boulder sign being installed at a location using a crane

Installation of our boulders are performed by BRAMM certified fixers

To Stand the Test of Time.

Our boulders are made to last. We give our set-in-stone guarantee that your Stone Sign boulder will last the test of time, looking magnificent for its intended purpose.

Boulder Enquiries.

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Boulder Signs FAQs

If we can’t answer any of your specific queries here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Stone Materials Can Be Used to Make a Boulder Sign?

There are various types of stones that can be considered for a boulder sign.

Some of our most popular choices are Welsh slate, Heather slate, Welsh Pennant, Limestone and Sandstone.

Each type of stone offers unique qualities.

Head to our boulder gallery to see some beautiful examples.

Where Do You Source Your Stone?

We source our stone from quarries across the UK that supply only the highest quality stones.

What Are Stone Boulders Most Commonly Used For?

Stone boulders can be used for a variety of purposes, including house entrance signage, business signage or even to mark a commemorative occasion.

Are Your Stone Boulder Signs Hand Carved?

Our stone boulders are created using a mixture of techniques, combining elements of sand blasting, hand carving, hand painting and fixing.

How Long Does it Usually Take to Make a Stone Boulder?

This will depend on the final size and finish of the boulder. However, if you are working to a deadline we will always do our best to accommodate to this.

Can You Design the Stone Boulder?

We can design the boulder from start to finish. We have a team of expert designers who can assist you with the entire design process throughout. We endeavour to make sure you are happy with the final design before we begin with production, even super imposing the stone into its desired location.

Do You Also Design and Make Plaques for Stone Boulders?

Yes, we can design plaques which can be inset into the face of a boulder. This is a great option where there is a lot of detail in a design, which we cannot always be captured on the surface of the boulder.

Where Can You Deliver the Stone Boulders?

We can deliver the boulders almost anywhere; we have a range of couriers and transport options available for delivery both in the UK as well as internationally.

Can You Ship Stone Boulders Overseas?

We can ship overseas on a dedicated service.

Do You Install the Stone Boulder Signs Yourself?

We can offer the boulders as supply only or include an installation service depending on your requirements.

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