A Stone Sign Guide


It’s never easy to experience the loss of a beloved pet, but finding a way to memorialise your departed friend can be a great comfort. Custom pet memorials, such as those available through our partney company, Rest Easy Pet Memorials, are increasingly popular methods of honouring a departed pet, but there is much to consider in the design process.

There are many options available for honouring your departed pet, including memorial stones, memorial plaques and memorial markers, each of which can be made totally bespoke.

Some people choose a permanent fixture that will stand for years to come, while others opt for a removable piece that can be transported from home to home if need be.

Engraved pet memorial markers and plaques can make wonderful additions to your interior décor and is something you can see every day, while an outdoor pet grave marker or pet headstones for dogs and cats can be used to determine the place your pet is laid to rest.



Finding the right material for your memorial is an important factor to consider early on, as this can determine both the appearance and the longevity of your chosen piece. Settling for a cheaper material can leave you with a sub-standard design that can lose its attraction over time, especially if the memorial is placed outdoors.  


Welsh slate square pet memorial plaque for rabbit with cream coloured enamel engraving
Pet memorial dog headstone with natural engraving and rustic border



Low-cost options for memorial plaques include acrylic and metal designs, neither of which can match the quality of stone. Acrylic signs can warp and degrade over time, particularly if exposed to natural elements. Metal signs are limited in their design options as it is difficult to cut customised styles, which hugely reduces the amount of choice available.




It is always better to invest in a lasting tribute that can be relied on for years to come. Natural stone is a fantastic choice for any memorial plaque thanks to its hardwearing properties and potential for unique design. We can create a completely customised and highly detailed stone memorial that will maintain its appearance for years to come. The use of quality stone or slate ensures that your pet memorial will stand the test of time, whether that be indoor or outdoor.


A white enamel engraving of a pet paw on a slate memorial plaque


Black granite heart-shaped pet memorial with gold gilded lettering and white enamel bone


A distinctively durable stone, granite is formed with a tight grain that allows for detailed, high-quality engraving. It can be honed or polished for a sleek, attractive finish and is particularly beautiful with gold leaf gilding.

Welsh slate pet memorial plaque with rustic edge and white enamel lettering


Welsh Slate is one of the oldest types of slate found in the world today. It has a distinctive blue-black finish and is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature and weather, making it extremely durable.

Portland stone pet memorial with natural engraving


This versatile stone is known for its highly fossilised content, and highly durable properties. Its creamy-white finish offers a timeless and classic appearance that is known for its use on notable buildings across the UK.


Through our partner company, Rest Easy Pet Memorials, we can create a personalised memorial for your pet using your choice of high-quality natural material. From elaborate pet headstones to simple pet memorial markers, our expert team have the capability to bring your vision to life.

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