Our natural stone signs are all hand crafted and finished using the highest quality materials, combining modern and traditional techniques to produce the finest products.

Stone Sign Welsh Slate Material


Quarried in the valleys of North Wales, the minerals Pyrite and Quartz are commonly present within this slate, creating a beautiful finish. A perfect material for both exterior and interior use with its distinctive ‘Blue-Black’ colour. Welsh Slate has the highest quality engraving for inscription & logo designs alike, looking attractive when painted or gilded.

Portland stone material texture


As one of our most popular stone choices, Portland Stone’s distinctive finish is a favoured option for external locations and a great option for exterior signage. Distinctive for its high fossilised content, Portland Stone often shows visible examples of fossilised shellfish and quartz crystals, deriving from the Jurassic period.

York stone material texture


A variety of Sandstone quarried in the heart of Yorkshire, this sedimentary stone is known for its rich tones, tight grain and the high quartz mineral content. A wonderfully versatile material that engraves beautifully, this stone is highly durable, a suitable stone choice for both exterior and interior use. Often used for commemorative plaques and house signs, York Stone is frequently left natural when engraved to create a timeless and classic appearance.

Bath stone material texture


Quarried in Southern England, Bath Stone is particularly distinguishable for its warm, honey colouring. Bath Stone is a highly sought-after stone for architecture, stone masonry, building stone and, in particular, signage for classic and listed buildings. Belonging to the Jurassic Period, Bath Stone has a high shell, fossil and Quartz content, often adding to Bath Stone’s signature texture. Upon engraving, Bath Stone looks particularly beautiful when left natural, adding to its classic appearance that is particularly popular.

Marble material texture


Marble is incredibly durable and can be finished with a polished or honed face, making it perfect for commemorative plaques or adding a touch of luxury to your home. It was once a sedimentary rock containing natural strata which creates the beautiful veined effect marble is known for.

Black granite material texture


Black Granite is a distinctively durable material. Its tight grain allows for a detailed and high quality engraving and looks particularly beautiful when gilded with our gold leaf. Made up of an array of mineral inclusions including Mica, Feldspar & Quartz, Black Granite can be honed or polished to enhance these attractive inclusions and textures.

Welsh Heather Slate material texture


Quarried in the valleys of North Wales, Heather slate distinctively varies in colour from a rich purple to pink. A popular choice for unveiling and commemorative plaques, Heather Slate is particularly sought after for its beautiful, rich hues and tones. Natural inclusions and striations are often found in Heather Slate which contributes to its beauty and uniqueness.

Riven slate material texture


A metamorphic rock quarried in the heart of North Wales, Riven Slate is sought after for its rustic and textured finish. A popular choice for our house signs, Riven Slate is often engraved and left natural. With its textured face, this material can look particularly timeless with a natural engraving and hand chiselled edges to create that classic, rustic appearance.

Star Galaxy granite material texture


Star Galaxy is a course grained rock, highly sought after for its stunning gold speckled effect. The mineral present within the stone that produces this appearance is known as Bronzite. Star Galaxy Granite has a unique beauty, particularly known for its glittering mineral inclusions. These textures are enhanced when polished and look beautiful when engraved and gilded in our 23.4ct Gold Leaf.

Red Granite material texture


One of the hardest materials found on the planet, Red Granite is an igneous rock sought after for its beautiful appearance and durability. Comprising of Quartz, Feldspar & Mica mineral compounds, Granite is a highly resistant material to weathering. Particularly beautiful when gilded with our 23.4ct Gold Leaf

Blue Pearl Granite material texture


Also known as Larvikite, Blue Pearl is an igneous rock, popular for its visible feldspar crystals. Distinct and uniquely different, our high quality Blue Pearl Granite is a perfect material choice for exterior or interior use. Sought after for its beautiful blue sheen Blue Pearl Granite adds a touch of luxury to any business or property.

Purbeck stone material texture


Purbeck Stone (also known as Purbeck Marble) is a beautiful Limestone with a high fossil content. Purbeck’s distinctive fossilised content differs in appearance to that of Portland Limestone due to its geographical and geological differences. Varying from a light cream to a dark beige, Purbeck Stone engraves to a distinctively high quality finish.


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