Which Material Should you choose for your house sign?

Every house needs a sign.

Whether it’s a simple plaque that displays your house number or a stone tablet with your address engraved on it; it’s important to have a sign to show people the identity of your home. It also helps to make the outside of your house more aesthetically pleasing to guests and passers-by.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful personalised house sign to finish off your exterior decor, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind…


Why Acrylic Isn’t a Good Choice for a House Sign

If you’re on a budget, then you might be considering a house sign made from plastic. While this sounds like a great idea in theory, there are actually a number of glaring disadvantages that make acrylic house signs a bad investment.
  • Acrylic isn’t very durable – Unlike stone, acrylic house signs can degrade and warp over time if they’re made from low-quality materials. The paint can scratch off easily, the shape itself can be damaged by weather and it will eventually wear down and lose its aesthetic appeal.
  • Acrylic designs are limited – Although plastics allow for some unique designs, they can often appear cheap. Also, due to the method used to print them, they’re usually limited in their appearance.

Acrylic usually isn’t the best choice unless you want a quick or temporary solution that doesn’t cost a lot. Acrylic simply doesn’t last long enough to be called a worthwhile investment, and the dull texture doesn’t look as pleasant as something sturdier, such stone.


Metal Isn’t Such a Great Choice Either

If you’re looking to spend a bit more money, then metal might be the other choice on your mind. In terms of longevity, metal will last a very long time and won’t be too affected by the weather. It also looks much more aesthetically pleasing compared to acrylic. However, there are some disadvantages to choosing metal house signs.


  • Metal is difficult to work with – Even with complicated machines, it’s difficult to cut customised designs so you are often limited to a simple choice of text and numbers. This severely reduces the amount of choice you have, so if you want a unique plaque or design then it won’t be possible.

  • It’s easier to find pre-made designs than custom designs – Customising your own metal sign can take some time due to the advanced tools and methods required. You will more commonly find pre-made signs instead of being able to design and customise your own. They’ll usually have numbers from 0-9 and will feature some basic phrases such as “Private Property” or “Please Close the Gate”

If you’re after a quality sign, then a quick metal sign could be the answer to your needs. It lasts longer than acrylic and is just as convenient to purchase. However, it doesn’t offer as many benefits as a high-quality stone sign.

The Numerous Benefits of a Well-Made Stone Sign

Quality stone signs offer the most advantages out of the many different materials available for a house sign. Signs made from stone last for an extremely long time and are durable to the natural elements. Due to how flexible stone is in its uses, you can also create unique and complicated designs with personalised engraving. 
An engraved plaque can make a stylish addition to your exterior décor. To add to that, you can also purchase stone signs made from various types of stone, each with their own unique look, texture and advantages:
Redland Manor York stone plaque with 23.5ct gold logo and inscription


A buff Sandstone which is known for its tight grains and high quartz content. It’s versatile, can be engraved beautifully and it’s a great choice for signs both indoors and out.
The Old Cottage Portland limestone house plaque with black enamel inscription


A light cream/grey limestone that’s particularly beautiful when finished with a black enamel infill.
The New House Welsh slate plaque with 23.5ct gold inscription


Welsh Slate is one of the hardest and oldest types of slate that can be found in the world today. It has a luxurious colour and is well-known for being incredibly durable which makes it great for exterior use. Slate house signs can make a great compliment to other types of stone.
It’s always better to pay more for a lasting, quality product that can be relied on. Stone signs will give your home a timeless look that will last an incredibly long time. Here at Stone Sign Company, we provide all of these stone materials and more with our signage service.


House plaque with 23.5ct gold inscription
Newcomen Road Welsh slate plaque with white enamel inscription and border
Welsh slate house name plaque with silver enamel border
Vishna Illam Welsh slate plaque with gilded inscription and border
Meadowsweet slate house sign with rustic edges and aluminium ground posts
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