A Stone Sign Guide


Whether you are looking for a simple house number sign or a grand plaque displaying your house name, it is important to ensure that your home can be easily identified.

Purchasing a bespoke house sign allows you to give your home that perfect finishing touch, but it is important to take into consideration the font used for your inscription.

When thinking about the design of bespoke house signs, you need to take into account the legibility of your chosen font. It can be tempting to use a unique, elaborate font that will make your sign stand out, but you need to ensure that it can be easily read from a distance. Having a clear and concise inscription on your house plaque will guarantee that it can be quickly identified, as well as offering timeless style.

For a house sign, we would normally advise selecting a simple, clean font that is easy to read. Elegant script fonts are a beautiful choice, but it is important to ensure that you have the right plaque material and size to display these appropriately.

If you select the wrong material or have the letters too close together, the sign will be illegible and will not serve any purpose. If in doubt, choosing a traditional serif font will give you a clean design that can be easily understood for years to come.


When selecting a font, it is important to consider the material used for your plaque. A quality natural slate or stone is the best choice for a long-lasting house sign, but the different properties of the various materials available can have an affect on your finished look.

For example, certain natural materials such as granite are too coarse for thin scripts, whereas thinner materials like sandstone will look less attractive with a heavy block font.


Welsh Slate is one of our most popular materials, and with this we would normally recommend the use of a thin font such as Pouty Script, Quintessential, or Yana.

These all look beautiful when combined with the distinctive beauty of natural slate, and are still easily legible from a distance.


Whereas, in comparison to Welsh Slate, Portland Limestone can be very deeply cut and therefore will look best with a strong, bold font.

We recommend the use of Caxton Bold, Berling Bold, or Times New Roman Bold, for a clear, attractive finish.


Here at Stone Sign Company, we know the importance of finding that perfect look for your home. This is why we offer almost any type of inscription, allowing you to perfectly achieve your vision and have a house sign that you love. We can emulate almost any font for your house plaque, and are on hand to offer advice with your design to ensure you receive a perfect look.


House number 10 plaque with gold coloured enamel inscription
The Town House Welsh slate house plaque with white enamel inscription
Oakview House York stone house plaque with black enamel lettering
House name sign with gold emblem inscription
The New House Welsh slate plaque with 23.5ct gold inscription

The versatility of Welsh Slate allows us to create a wide variety of engraving and painting options, including embossing and hand cut rustic edging on our plaques.

At Stone Sign, we have years of experience working with natural materials and can offer a wide range of custom slate and stone products. From small bespoke house signs to grand commemorative plaques and boulders, our capabilities with Welsh Slate are never-ending. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.


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