The Haçienda Custom Plaques

Stone Sign Company were recently contacted by a client to recreate the door sign from the famous Manchester nightclub, The Haçienda.

The Haçienda was a notorious music venue in Manchester that was open between 1982 and 1997. It was at the forefront of music and youth culture and is stilled famed today for its chequered history.

Famed designer Peter Saville enlisted his friend and interior architect Ben Kelly to design the club, based in a former warehouse. Rather than a neon club sign, the original Haçienda sign measured just 12 inches and was carved out of granite by someone who made gravestones.

The Hacienda house signs made from granite lined up in a row
Close up detailing of red engraving on a The Hacienda stone house sign

The client had requested a complete imitation of the original door plaque and sent us photos to work from. Our talented in-house designer recreated the design perfectly, and then our skilled masons got to work bringing the plaque to life.

To match the existing design, we used quality dark grey granite to create the plaque. This was then deeply engraved with the lettering and finished with enamel paint to match the white and red colours of the original sign. We provided faceless fixings with this plaque to ensure that the design wasn’t interrupted by any drill holes, allowing a clean and uninterrupted look.

We were originally contacted to create just one sign as a birthday gift, but the client loved the finished product so much that he ordered a further six identical signs to give to friends.

Our expert stonemasons have the capability to bring your idea to life using your choice of quality natural stone. We can replicate almost any design provided, and our expert masons can create a truly beautiful quality plaque that you can admire for years to come.

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Any level of intricacy can be realised.

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