Sky House Plaque

We recently had the pleasure of creating this beautiful plaque for a client who was working on the design and remodel for an extraordinary house, Sky House. 

Rhubarb Pi contacted us with ideas to source a stone house plaque for this spectacular property.

They had the idea of incorporating some elements of the house into the plaque, with it being such a unique shape and design.

Our talented in-house designer was then able to put together various design concepts for the client to consider.

Throughout the designing stage our talented in-house team are able to work together to ensure that your requirements are met, bringing your vision to life.

Welsh Slate – The Stone Material of Choice

Beautiful view of slate and Welsh mountain valley in north Wales

Welsh slate was the chosen stone material due to its undeniable beauty and quality.

Welsh slate is well-known for its durability in comparison to many other cheaper slates, a perfect material for both exterior and interior use, producing the highest quality engraving for inscription & logo designs.

An Eye-Catching Design

As this was such a spectacular house, the client wanted a plaque that would catch the eye. The final design was to be completed with a sketched drawing of the house, finished with its name below.

Our designers worked from detailed images to produce a high-quality sketched design, carefully capturing even the finer details to ensure the finished plaque would be completed to perfection.

Close up of engraved letters finished in silver enamel paint on a Welsh slate house plaque
Close up of an engraving with silver enamel paint on a Welsh slate house plaque

We initially considered finishing the plaque with 23.5ct gold leaf or a white enamel paint, however after some consideration, a silver enamel paint was chosen for a subtle yet sophisticated finish.

Our silver enamel paint contrasts beautifully with the natural blue-black tones in the Welsh slate, whilst highlighting all the finer details within the design of this plaque.

Detailed engraving with silver enamel paint on Welsh slate house plaque
Welsh slate house plaque with engraving finished in silver enamel paint

Entrance Sign Secured with Aluminium Ground Posts

This house plaque was to be displayed as an entrance sign to the property, therefore it needed to be clearly marked for those passing by.

In order to hold the plaque up right, we supplied the plaque with some aluminium ground posts, to safely secure the plaque in place.
Our aluminium ground posts are coated in a black powdered paint, therefore they are able to withstand all weather conditions.

Welsh slate sign with aluminium post
Welsh slate entrance sign with black aluminium posts
Welsh slate sign for Sky House

At Stone Sign, we are able to supply a wide range of fixings that can be customised to meet your requirements.

Our aluminium posts are one of our most popular choices when supplying larger entrance signage, with a sophisticated yet sturdy finish.

A quality house plaque will last you for many years to come.

With over 200 hundred years of stonemasonry experience under our belt, we have the ability and knowledge to put our hand to any design, with a range of quality natural stones and finishes, bringing your ideas to life.

You can even customize your own house plaque in our online shop today!

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