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How To Choose The Right Finish For Your Slate House Sign

A quality slate house sign can provide your home with that ideal finishing touch, but how do you make sure it’s the perfect fit? With so many finishing options available, it can be difficult to decide what is right for your home. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Natural Slate is highly recommended for use on exterior signs because of its high durability and long life expectancy. It is a naturally waterproof material and is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature, with non-fading properties that ensure it can withstand outdoor conditions all year round.

By choosing Slate for your house sign, you’re ensuring that your sign retains its quality appearance for years to come.

It is the natural density of Welsh Slate that makes it such a versatile material, allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes. Sourced from the valleys of north Wales, where the minerals Pyrite and Quartz are commonly present, Welsh Slate has a distinctive Blue-Black finish. These minerals create a beautiful, unique finish, ensuring that no two signs are the same.

The Finishes

Enamel finish for a stone house sign


23.5ct gold gilded finish for a house sign


Natural engraving on Welsh slate for a house sign


Matching the style of your sign to the style of your house can be a difficult process, due to the many options available. Our expert team are on hand to offer plenty of advice regarding the different styles and finishes available.

The Modern Look


For a modern house, we often recommend using a simple font with an enamel paint infill to create a look that flows. Sans Serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica are most recommended, as these offer a contemporary feel that will compliment the general style of your home. Modern homes can be enhanced with an unusual colour for the enamel paint infill, creating a contemporary contrast to the traditional Welsh Slate sign finish.

Park Hill Welsh slate house plaque with coloured enamel inscription
Ty Dan Y Fynnon Farm plaque in Welsh slate with rustic edges

The Traditional Look


More traditional homes will be better suited to a Serif font such as a Times New Roman or Georgia, as these fonts present a more ‘classic’ style. Finishing your sign with a gilded inscription in a Serif font can create a beautiful and timeless impression that can truly compliment your traditional home.

The Statement Look


For a true statement look, we often recommend finishing your sign with a border. Both traditional and modern styles can be enhanced with either an engraved pin line border or a rustic edge border pitched into the slate (seen above). The pin line border can be infilled with paint or gold leaf to match whichever lettering finish is chosen, whilst a rustic edge border gives more of a natural finish to the edge of your plaque.

Roxby Hill Welsh slate house plaque with coloured enamel inscription and border

Do Consider All Shapes and Sizes

If you want your plaque to be extra personal, we can even design one of a kind pattern borders or incorporate your existing design into a unique border. We offer an endless range of customisation options to ensure that your bespoke house sign is completely tailored to your wishes.

House number 10 plaque with coloured enamel inscription
The New House Welsh slate plaque with 23.5ct gold inscription
The Town House Welsh slate house plaque with white enamel inscription
Blossom Cottage Welsh slate plaque with silver enamel inscription
Prospect house slate plaque with rustic edges
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