Choosing the perfect house sign is often a big decision as it something you have to live with for a significant amount of time. There are many factors to consider when purchasing your house sign and at Stone Sign Co we understand it is something that you will want to get right.

Things to consider when purchasing your house sign are:

Where Will Your House Sign Be Located?

Although this may be obvious, choosing the placement of your house sign is very important as this will serve to guide people to your home. This will determine the size and potentially the style of your plaque. For example, if the plaque is to be fitted to the outside of your property, next to your front door, the size will be dependent on the space available.

Alternatively, many customers choose boulder signs, often situated at the front of a driveway or front lawn. This is a great choice if you are looking for a sign that is simple yet effective, with the choice of any font and/ or design added to this you can really stand out from the crowd.

Just take a look at these beautiful examples of the finishes below.

York sandstone house sign with black enamel lettering
Welsh slate house sign with gold leaf
Portland limestone house sign with natural finishing

What Material Should I Choose For My House Sign?

We have a range of natural stones to choose from at Stone Sign Co. all of a high quality, designed to last you for years to come. Each stone has unique qualities, with a variety of suitable finishes complimenting each material perfectly. You can find a range of examples in our gallery.

The chosen stone will often reflect in the style of your property, as most customers look for a stone that compliments their house. Stone Sign Co. has a range of natural stones available including Welsh slate, Portland Limestone, York Sandstone, Black granite and many other materials.

Can I Have a Design on My House Plaque?

We have many skilled in-house designers at hand to assist you with the designing of your plaque. Whether you are looking for something simple and eye catching or looking to incorporate a design into your plaque, our designers are able to assist you along the way, ensuring that you are completely happy with the finished result.

We also have a design tool which can be accessed via our shop where you can see your design come to life instantly. Each design has a range of customisable options allowing you to create a truly bespoke sign.

We hope that you have found these points useful in creating your perfect house sign.  Simply call 02920 672 823, e-mail or complete our online contact form and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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