Stone Sign Company were recently contacted by a client to create two house plaques with their design engraved on them.

Following the provided brief, we sent our client several natural stone samples and they decided the perfect stone material for this design would be our Forest of Dean sandstone. Forest of Dean sandstone has a grey tone and is naturally flecked with streaks of rust colours throughout, which provides a completely unique finish to each design.

The plaques were both formed with smooth bevelled edges and a deep engraved border, offering a neat finish. They were then finished with deeply engraved inscriptions as per the client’s supplied design, with the lettering left without any infill for a natural look.

To finish we fitted these plaques with faceless plaque fixings in the rear. Using this method we ensured that there would be no visible drill holes or fixings once installed, thus the design is left uninterrupted.

We were particularly proud of the finished plaques; using the clients design and brief we were able to achieve a finish which was both unique and timeless. These one-of-a-kind natural stone plaques are both eye-catching and in keeping with their surrounding environment.

If you have a design which you would like to realise in 100% natural stone please contact a member of the Stone Sign Company team today.

Bolsova House naturally engraved plaque in Forest of Dean sandstone
Forest of Dean sandstone finish on a house plaque