Tythegston Estate Business Plaques

Stone Sign Company was recently contacted by a client regarding some wayfinding signage for their village estate.

The Tythegston Estate is a family-run country estate located near Bridgend, South Wales. The estate is built up of several cottages renovated to a high standard, whilst retaining their 18th-century character. They reached out to us with plans for some quality stone business signage for their cottages, which our specialist team was able to bring to life.

Our in-house designer was able to draw up some proposals following the guidelines given by the client. The client had requested several different plaques to be used across the estate, each with an individual inscription.

They wished for their logo to feature on each plaque, which our designer was able to expertly draw up, whilst matching a font to compliment the business designs.

A natural Welsh slate was selected, honouring the heritage of the estate whilst also providing high-quality material that would retain its beauty for years to come. The plaques were finished at a 30mm thickness with clean-cut edges to provide a flush finish.


The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate hanging business plaque
The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate business plaques on exterior wall next to front entrance door

Each plaque was deeply engraved and hand-painted using a white enamel infill ensuring that they will be able to withstand all weather conditions. The contrast of the natural blue-black tones in the Welsh slate complimented the white inscription beautifully providing a luxurious finish. Every plaque was then fitted with individual fixings to ensure that they were secured effectively without interrupting the design.


Our slate signage is a wonderful way to produce wayfinding for your business or estate. With our talented in-house designers and highly- skilled masons, we can produce any design including your company logo along with a font of your choice, guaranteeing that your signage will represent your business perfectly.

The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate triple wall business plaques fixed on exterior wall


The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate door plaques
The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate plaques fitted to wooden door
The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate business plaque for office
Slate house sign on front of cottage for The Tythegston Estate business
The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate plaque fitted to stone wall
The Tythegston Estate Welsh slate plaque fitted outside a property on exterior wall

The Tythegston Estate is based around a traditional country estate that has been passed from generation to generation over the past 350 years, something that resonates with us, being a family business with over 200 years of experience in our industry.

It was a pleasure to create these bespoke plaques for The Tythegston Estate, and we are so pleased with the final results.


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