Homefield Grange Magnetic Slate Board

Stone Sign have worked with Homefield Grange on many projects over the last few years, creating a range of bespoke Welsh slate signage to perfectly match their brand image.

We were recently contacted by the Homefield Grange team with a request to create a magnetic slate notice board, in keeping with the previous business signage installed across the premises.

Welsh riven slate magnetic board


The material selected for this project was a Welsh Riven slate, wonderfully textured, in keeping with their rustic and natural image, whilst retaining its beauty for years to come.

Our experienced production team initially experimented with varying magnet strengths in order to ensure that they would be strong enough to effectively hold through the slate, whilst deliberating the most effective way to magnetise the board.

Ten magnets were produced alongside the board, in keeping with the theme of the wellness spa. Our expert masons carefully experimented with ways to incorporate the Welsh slate into the design of the magnets, whilst our talented designers produced artwork featuring elements from Homefield Grange’s branding. 

Our masons then carefully cut the delicate pieces of slate to fit perfectly over the magnets, producing a stunning finish to the slate board.

Circular Welsh slate magnets on slate board
Close up of a round Welsh slate magnet on a slate board


As with most of our natural stone signage, the slate plaque was deeply engraved featuring the Homefield Grange logo and emblem. A white enamel paint was then selected, beautifully contrasting with the natural blue-black tones in the Welsh Slate.

White enamel engraving on a Welsh slate magnetic board
Detailed engraving on Welsh slate with white enamel paint


In order for the magnets to stick to the board our skilled masons discreetly inserted a metal sheet to the back of the slate plaque to ensure that the design of the plaque was not interrupted, therefore only the centre of the plaque was magnetised to ensure that the inscription on the plaque was not disturbed.

Finally, we finished the plaque with drilled fixings, following the guidelines provided by our client and also in keeping with their previous slate signage.

We were extremely pleased with how the plaque turned out, showcasing the talent of all members of our team throughout the design and production process.

Corner of a Welsh slate magnetic board
Round magnets on a Welsh slate board

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