Thornhill Crematorium Boulders

Stone Sign Co. recently had pleasure in creating beautiful bespoke boulders for Thornhill Crematorium.

The crematorium were in search of two high-quality and eye-catching boulders that would serve to mark the entrance of their two popular chapels, Wenallt and Briwnant.

The entrance boulders were to each stand as a prominent feature on the approach to the chapels, with both being located at the centre of the tranquil Thornhill Crematorium grounds.

We worked on the project in collaboration with Mossfords Memorial Masons, who are experienced monumental memorial masonry and installation specialists based in South Wales.

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Welsh Slate Boulders Finished with 23.5ct Gold Leaf

As their existing entrance already features a significant Welsh slate presence, we suggested two Welsh slate boulders to be finished with a 23.5ct gold leaf gild deep engraving of the chapel names and Cardiff Council logo.

A Stone Sign Co. project manager visited our local quarry in North Wales, where we were able to select a range of beautiful, unique and rustic Welsh slate boulders.

The chosen boulders offer a truly unique shape and were sensitively designed to mark these two deeply important chapels proudly and solemnly within Thornhill Crematorium.

We selected this particular Welsh stone as it is particularly hard wearing in outdoor conditions whilst still retaining its beauty for years to come.

Gold leaf lettering engraved onto Welsh slate boulder outside the Wenallt chapel at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff
Gold leaf lettering engraved onto Welsh slate boulder at the entrance to Briwnant chapel at Thornhill Crematorium, Cardiff
Cardiff Council logo engraved onto slate boulder with gold leaf lettering

From a North Wales Quarry to our Stone Production Facility in Cardiff

The boulders were transported to our specialist stone carving production facility in Cardiff where they were carefully sawn at the base on our CNC saw, carved into shape, and carefully drilled for our steel dowelling.

Our team visited the Thornhill Crematorium site to assess the specific boulder installation spots and to photograph each location.

Our talented in-house boulder designer was then able to use these images to create artwork, imposing the selected boulders into their proposed locations.

These were then sent across with varying designs so that our client could visualise and evaluate how the finished boulders would visibly appear in situ.

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Engraved, hand-painted, gilded, and installed

As soon as we had confirmed a final design concept with our client, we were then able to begin preparing the boulders for engraving. Once the boulders had been engraved, they were carefully hand painted and gilded by our talented stone masons.

The Welsh slate complemented the gold leaf perfectly, highlighting the blue-black tones within the boulders.

Our specialist installation team worked together with memorial installation specialists from Mossfords Memorials to professionally install both boulders into their respective sites utilising a HIAB crane, which carefully lowered each boulder onto secure concrete foundations and steel dowels.

We are exceptionally pleased with how the entrance boulders turned out and are thrilled with how they appear following their installation in the crematorium grounds.

Entrance Boulder at Wenallt Chapel, Thornhill Crematorium

Large slate entrance boulder outside Wenallt Chapel at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff
Welsh slate boulder with gold leaf lettering outside Wenallt Chapel at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff

Entrance Boulder at Briwnant Chapel, Thornhill Crematorium

Welsh slate boulder at the entrance to Briwnant Chapel at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff
Slate boulder with gold leaf lettering outside the entrance to Briwnant Chapel at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff

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