Mab Trail Boulders

Stone Sign Co. recently produced several boulders to be used as interactive components to depicting the legendary tales of The Mab.

These stones were to be placed in locations across Pontypridd, featuring 11 stories of the Mabinogi re-told by 11 of Wales’s finest children’s writers.

We visited a local Welsh quarry, carefully selecting 11 boulders perfect for the job.

Each stone would later be fitted with a granite plaque, detailing the illustrations from the re-imagined tales of the Mab.

Once we had the boulders on site, our talented in-house designer was able to carefully produce artwork detailing these illustrations, incorporating the design with the selected boulders.

The Mab Trail entrance boulder in Pontypridd

Mab Trail Boulder Concept Designed for Children & Adults

The concept was to create a trail which would allow both children and adults to partake.

At each stage of the trail, visitors will collect various rubbings, piecing together their own story book at the end.

We needed to ensure that we could replicate these illustrations effectively in order for clear rubbings to be taken from them.

With this in mind, an embossed granite plaque seemed to be most suitable as it would allow us to capture the intricate details within these designs, whilst being durable in outdoor conditions.

Once each plaque had been embossed and polished, they were individually fitted to the sawn face of the boulders.

Each individual boulder presented a different story, with the name engraved into the surrounding area, finished with 23.5ct gold leaf.

Our specialist graphic designer has put together a short video detailing the production processes form start to finish, capturing every step along the way.

Watch The Mab Trail Boulder Creation Process

A Selection of Engraved Boulder Plaques Found Along the Mab Trail

“Follow the Dream”

Follow the Dream engraved plaque on the Mab Trail in Pontypridd

“Three Graces”

Three Graces engraved plaque on the Mab Trail in Pontypridd

“Luned and the Magic Ring”

Luned and the Magic Ring engraved plaque on the Mab Trail in Pontypridd

“Rhiannon, Pwyll and the Hideous Claw”

Rhiannon, Pwyll and the Hideous Claw engraved plaque on the Mab Trail in Pontypridd

“Happily Ever After”

Happily Ever After engraved plaque on the Mab Trail in Pontypridd

“Meadowsweet and Magic”

Meadowsweet and Magic engraved plaque on the Mab Trail in Pontypridd

We are exceptionally pleased with how these turned out, especially the detailing we were able to capture from the illustrations.

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