Case Study: Big Dog Farm & Seymour House boulders


At Stone Sign Co., we recently undertook a captivating boulder project that exemplifies the seamless fusion of artistry and nature.

Below, you will learn more about our stonemasonry journey of creating two remarkable slate boulder signs that not only beautifully marked an entrance but also encapsulated the essence of their surroundings.

Entrance Transformation with Boulder Signs

Our client presented us with a challenge that could utilise our specialist masonry skills – to craft an entrance solution that seamlessly melded with the inherent rustic charm of their new property.

The result was the creation of two large slate boulders engraved with stunning gold leaf lettering, embodying our unwavering commitment to preserving the beauty of nature while adding a touch of functional elegance.

Big Dog Farm slate boulder sign
Seymour House slate boulder sign

Precision in Design: Incorporating Coat of Arms

Central to the project was the client’s request for us to include their coat of arms, intricately designed and holding symbolic significance. Our expert design team skillfully integrated these intricate details into the initial artwork examples that they produced.

As part of our commitment to visualising the final product, we offered complimentary artwork examples, ensuring the client’s vision and satisfaction was fully realised before the crafting of the two boulders commenced.

Once both designs were confirmed we began production in our workshop, cutting each to size before beginning the process of engraving and gilding. The finished signs were then polished off and prepared for installation by our dedicated team.

A Journey from Vision to Reality

With the design parameters meticulously confirmed, our skilled craftsmen commenced the production process in our dedicated workshop.

Every step was carried out with an unwavering dedication to precision – from the precise sizing of the boulders to the meticulous engraving and gilding processes.

As the signs took shape, they were carefully polished to perfection, preparing them for a seamless installation carried out by our dedicated team of experts.

Close up detail of gold lead gilded engraving on slate stone boulder sign
Intricate detail of gold lead gilded engraving on slate stone boulder sign
Gold leaf gilded engraving on a slate stone boulder

Boulder Signs: Nature’s Durable Navigational Marvels

One of the most compelling advantages of utilising boulder stones for wayfinding purposes lies in their innate durability.

These boulders, typically sourced locally, have an uncanny ability to blend harmoniously with their natural environment, effectively becoming organic navigational elements.

Beyond their visual appeal, their remarkable robustness ensures that they can withstand the test of time, offering not just short-term guidance, but long-lasting reliability.

Integrating Nature into Urban Aesthetics

The utilisation of boulder stones as wayfinding markers underscores the spirit of innovative urban design.

Through their integration, nature and functionality unite, capable of offering a guiding hand to city residents and visitors alike.

This integration doesn’t just enhance navigation in a visually stunning way; it contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to urban development.

Natural rock stone for stone boulders

Commitment to Sustainability: Pioneering Eco-friendly Practices

At Stone Sign Co., our commitment extends beyond aesthetics and functionality – we are dedicated to sustainable stone production.

Discover more about our strides in advancing eco-friendly practices, aligning our work with the principles of a greener future.

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