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Here at Stone Sign Co, we work with a variety of beautiful natural stones to create our bespoke plaques. Perhaps one of our best loved is Portland Limestone, a beautiful stone that has been used as a popular building material since the 1600s.

Portland Limestone is a hugely popular choice for commemorative, business and house plaques thanks to its wonderful properties and beautiful appearance. It is exceptionally durable in outdoor conditions, ensuring that any plaques made from this quality stone will last for years to come. Portland Stone is sufficiently cemented to resist natural weathering, but is also easily carved into any required design. It is a highly favoured stone for architectural purposes due to its supreme quality and versatility.


This distinctive stone has a light cream/grey finish that holds its beauty for years. We love the beauty of quality Portland Stone with a smooth, fine-rubbed finish and natural engraving. This clean look is a timeless choice for any purpose, but is hugely popular for custom house plaques. Black enamel infill is a wonderful choice for the inscription, offering a striking contrast to the lighter colour of the stone.


The versatility of Portland Stone allows for its use in a variety of locations. There are endless options available, whether you are looking for a quality house sign that will withstand outdoor conditions or a commemorative plaque that will be adorned for years to come. Portland Limestone can also be used as an alternative material for creating quality, long-lasting headstones and memorials.

Aquila Corner Portland stone sign
Aquila Corner Portland stone sign

We’ve created many different bespoke plaques using quality Portland Stone, including this unique 100mm thick house sign that was sent to a customer in America. This versatile stone can be carved into endless possibilities depending on your requirements, including smooth round plaques and thin 20mm signs.


Stone Sign Company work with Portland Limestone to offer a variety of bespoke signs and plaques. We can create a custom design to perfectly match your requirements, using this quality stone to ensure both the beauty and longevity of your product. Our years of experience with natural materials allow us to bring almost any design vision to life, ensuring that your Portland Limestone plaque can be admired for years to come.

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Stone sign the history of Portland stone
Portland house name plaque with enamel inscription
Stone sign the history of Portland stone
Schevchenko opening plaque with black enamel inscription
Pet memorial with natural engraving

Any level of intricacy can be realised.

Our expert team can help to bring any stone house sign design ideas to reality. Please contact us today to find out more.